Nick C
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I just used the Debris Buddy in my restaurant build out and WOW it worked perfectly and only $5 bucks. I had to drill holes to mount 20 TV’S and the time savings alone in not having to clean the walls and floors was amazing.
Stephanie K
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My husband got me one for Christmas and I love the simplicity and time savings it creates by using it. As someone who loves to tinker around the house I can’t imagine not having one now that I have tried the Debris Buddy.
Brian S
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This thing is awesome. Now I am just mad that I didn’t think of it. Such an affordable product that makes life so much easier for doing small projects around my house and shop. Just bought them for my brothers.
Kyle N
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The Debris Buddy is so simple yet solves such a huge problem. When I remodel a home it cuts out all the clean-up time when hanging curtain rods, TV brackets or even drilling to hang up picture frames. No more drywall dust on freshly painted walls!
Sam D
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I know the Inventor and bought one for all my DIY family members and they all love it. I have already used it several times putting up new curtain rods and was so thankful I didnt have to carefully wipe the newly painted walls.

About Debris Buddy

The Debris Buddy & Debris Buddy Mini were invented by serial Entrepreneur Robert Croak. As an avid, “fixer-upper type”, Robert invented the MSM out of sheer necessity. While doing countless household projects like, hanging curtain rods, new shelving units or just any drilling on upright surfaces Robert found there was just nothing on the market that was convenient to use to catch the debris caused when drilling holes in walls.

Robert Croak has invented many other tools and products throughout his 25 year career but is most known as the creator of Sillybandz. This product went on to become a household name and opened many doors for Robert when developing new products. As a problem solver Robert loves to create products that make life and work more efficient.

Learn more about Robert Croak at

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